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Category: Blues Rock

Salt Water - Eric Blowtorch And The Welders - Salt Water (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ Salt Water - Eric Blowtorch And The Welders - Salt Water (Vinyl)

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  2. 'Salt Water' is a hard-hitting reggae track with a deep, heavy bass sound and just about the best reggae mix Brew City has ever unleashed. Blowtorch's "Salt Water" sears with fiery bass - OnMilwaukee.
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  6. Feb 12,  · Sure, CDs and MP3s are convenient, but all you have to do is listen to vinyl to confirm its sonic superiority. Look no further than Milwaukee's own Eric Blowtorch, who has released a 7" vinyl slab of reggae flavor. The A-side "Salt Water" skanks along with a throbbing rhythm section as Blowtorch sings of dread on the high haggtratcastheochenspuntyrupopovensea.xyzinfo: Blaine Schultz.
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